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Early Fall has its own special beauty. The foliage sings its swan song in variegated colours. When one walks in the woods his eyes feast in rainbow colours. It is chestnut and walnut season, and in case one does not notice it, the squirrels will see to it as they busy themselves on the trees.

Mid-September to mid-October is the best time for people that like walking and hiking vacations. The temperature is quite pleasant, the sea clean and inviting. The general atmosphere in the entire area is more peaceful and relaxed because the Greek visitors have already departed for their hometowns and left Pelion to the foreign visitors.

Late October and November may become wet and a bit cold, though quite often there are long spells of warm, sunny days. Greek and other Pelion fanatic fans return to their favourite haunts for long weekends in order to reimmerse themselves in the purity and beauty of the mountain and the sea, to get their apple, chestnut and walnut supply for the winter, to barbecue a steak or two on the glowing coals in the fireplace while exchanging information about their skiing plans for the coming winter.

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