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Winter is time when the Pelion villages, unspoilt and pretty as ever, come out of hiding and become visible. The weather conditions vary depending on the altitude and the general weather pattern. There are long periods of beautiful sunlit days with mild temperatures, and there are rainy and snowy spells of weather. There may be bright sunshine near the sea and mist at higher elevations at the same time.

Regardless of the weather conditions, though, there are plenty of activities one can occupy oneself with. During a leisurely stroll or a hike on the mountain, while skiing or even when looking out his window the visitor can enjoy views of snow-clad peaks and slopes, the foaming sea waves in the distance, lush green grass all around, dense mist clouds rising from ravines and gullies, shiny ivy and honeysuckle embracing the denuded trees under strong sunshine, holly trees dressed up for Christmas. On rare occasions one can take in all of them at once and at the very same moment, depending on the direction he is facing in.

When an outing is not possible, it is time to enjoy a drink or two and the company of one's friends and family while the chestnuts are roasting in the fireplace, read a favourite book, tell spooky stories to the kids or just huddle under the blankets in the arms of Morpheus. And when the great globe shining above Pelion is dimmed and the mist and night are gaining ground, one may be so lucky as to discern some hamadryads and gnomes getting ready to retire in the woods for the night.

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